4 things to consider when buying an outdoor compact refrigerator

4 things to consider when buying an outdoor compact refrigerator

Selecting outdoor kitchen appliances is easier than it seems to be. If someone has prior experience or a basic understanding of outdoor kitchen appliances, they would find it easy to create a list of all the outdoor kitchen appliances that they would need.

Common kitchen appliances for an outdoor kitchen would include outdoor kitchen cooktops, outdoor kitchen countertops, outdoor kitchen cart, BBQ grills, oven ranges, etc. These appliances and more can also be included in certain outdoor kitchen kits. Some people would also consider getting a refrigerator for their outdoor kitchen space; however, with every other outdoor kitchen appliance, one has to consider the durability, reliability, and longevity of the appliance while buying it. Here are some of the most vital features when shopping an outdoor compact refrigerator. These will definitely ensure a trustworthy buy as per your requirement.

Like an outdoor kitchen bbq grill or cooktop, placement of the refrigerator is the first and foremost thing to settle. Think whether your outdoor kitchen design is constructed as a kitchen island or are you going to settle it as a standalone one on the patio area. Make sure to keep the refrigerator or freezer away from sunlight or direct- weather as it can diminish the functionality as well as a lifetime of the refrigerator. Placement is an useful aspect to make sure which model is perfect for your kitchen space.

For an outdoor kitchen island, you must think of the process of the vent ways of the refrigerator along with its cutout estimates. An easy choice is a front-vented freezer which requires no added space as the ventilation occurs from the frontal position. It’s rather easy to choose a refrigerator if you already know the place and its measurement area. Rear vented refrigerators use the backside as a vent and these require extra space. Several people install island vent panels for adequate airflow.

This is an important aspect to understand how much capable the refrigerator is to adjust itself to the ever-changing weather. The longevity of the refrigerator depends on this factor. It’s best to go for outdoor built-in refrigerators as they face series of tests of durability before they’re assigned a warranty for outdoor usage. These are manufactured with a high-grade stainless steel.

This aspect depends on the uses and storing idea. Check the measurements as well as the inside part of the refrigerator to understand if it’s sufficient for your requirement. For example, a food safety certification is mandatory if the need is to store food. This certificate assures that tests like maintaining temperatures below 40-degrees at an outdoor location along with its manufacturing with food-safe materials were conducted.

The cooling system determines the performance and there are two types of cooling in case of outdoor compact refrigerator, forced air and cold plate. The latter has a cooling plate at the rear although the former one is best as this type has a fan inside the machine for maintaining a precise temperature.

Apart from these four aspects, security is important and a locked refrigerator can make the machine safe for kids.

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