All about chukka boots for men

All about chukka boots for men

A well-documented boot in the making since World War II is the chukka boot, named after a section of the Polo game. These boots are more than classics because they have survived time and trends and are still some of the best favorites among men. The chukka boots are not just flexible in terms of figurativeness but also literally. They give the feel and comfort of the like of sneakers due to their soft and supple sole material as compared to how one would feel heavy in the traditional rugged leather boots. The leather uppers support the ankle and feet very well, making it all the more comfortable to use the chukka boots for anything from work to play.

All of us, as men, know the comfort of a sneaker over a jean and on a casual day. But sneakers can only be classy to a certain extent and you can never wear them to a formal event with such comfort. The best thing about chukka boots is that you do not have to worry about informality because you can wear these boots to any occasion and show your unique fashion statement as men. With a chukka boot, you dress with style whether in casual clothing or informal clothing, and there is no imbalance in your wardrobe especially from your shoes.

Chukka boots vs. desert boots
Given that a lot of footwear manufacturers have used these two terms interchangeable more often, there is some clarity need to say that they are not the same. In fact, the desert boot is a particular type of chukka boot and put simply, all chukka boots are indeed desert boots but not all chukka boots are desert boots.

To elucidate the matter further, a chukka boot is typically a high ankle boot that has only a few eyelets no matter the material. Desert boots, on the other hand, are made of an even lighter leather and embedded on crepe rubber soles in particular. In simple terms, the desert boots are on the informal end of the chukka boot picking line.

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