Best Ninja Blenders for Making Smoothies

Best Ninja Blenders for Making Smoothies

Every healthy kitchen should have a Ninja® blender to mix and mash fruits and vegetables. This company’s blenders are one of the best in the market. They provide features that are worth much more than their price. Yes, they are more expensive than their competitors, but they are durable and long-lasting. Therefore, one can think of Ninja® blenders as a one-time investment.

All Ninja® blenders are crafted with top-class materials, which make them extremely efficient and effective for kitchens that require a lot of blending. Most Ninja® blenders are multipurpose products, and they are very easy to use and maintain. Following are the best Ninja® blenders that you can buy to churn your favorite smoothies.

Ninja® Master Prep®
Ninja® Master Prep® is a high-quality blender which comes with a two-cup processor. This domestic-use blender is budget-friendly and offers excellent performance. It can chop fruits and vegetables, as well as mince, dice, and blend products of different consistencies with ease. It also has a 48-ounce pitcher along with a 16 oz master prep bowl.

Ninja® Professional Blender
Ninja® Professional Blender is a powerful machine, which makes it ideal for professional environments such as restaurants and gyms. This blender comes with an 1100 watts motor, which offers superior blending power along with “Total Crushing” tech, which crushes everything from ice to whole fruits within seconds. It has a capacity of 72 oz, which means that you can make multiple glasses of smoothies in a single go. Moreover, this blender is dishwasher friendly.

Nutri Ninja® Pro
This tiny Ninja® blender has a 900-watt motor, which crushes ice and frozen fruits with ease. It manages to make two to three cups of smoothies and salsas in a single go, and it can handle dry fruits as well. It has sharp and powerful blades that can effortlessly chop or crush big pieces of fruits and vegetables, and all the cups of the blender can be sealed. This small and handy blender comes with an 18 oz cup and a 24 oz cup.

Ninja® Ultima® Blender+
This product is one of the top Ninja® blenders meant for professionals. It has a motor that generates 1500 watts of power that lets you blend anything. Moreover, it has cyclonic blades which can cut through all ingredients that you put in the cups. However, all of these factors make it one of the costliest Ninja® blenders.

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