Best unlocked CDMA phones

Best unlocked CDMA phones

Here’s a list of the best CDMA phones available in the market today that are unlocked.

Motorola’s 4G LTE is aesthetically designed and comes with a micro-texture back and rounded edges. With 16 GB memory, this is the best CDMA phone with Turbo Power-enabled charging. Along with octa-core 1.5 GHz processor, this CDMA phone has Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. It is quite cheap and is priced at about $179.00.

Samsung Galaxy S7
Samsung’s Galaxy S7 has a powerful processor. With a water-resistant body, this phone can survive well even after spending 30 minutes in water. The 5.1-inch touchscreen is an absolute delight and is quite responsive, especially when it comes to speed and touch. This CDMA phone has a quad-core processor with a 12.0 MP rear-facing camera to capture HD pictures and videos. The phone costs around $430

OnePlus 3T
OnePlus 3T is arguably the best CDMA with astonishing design and superb battery life. With excellent custom Android interfaces, this mobile by OnePlus has surely made its mark in the US market. The metal body is scratch resistant and lends an extra edge to the handset. OnePlus 3T is priced at about $439.

Huawei Mate 9
One of the best smartphones, this CDMA mobile has an excellent 5.9-inch display and is quite efficient in capturing black-and-white photos. Tuned by the photography wizards from Leica, the best CDMA phone has a monochrome sensor and excellent battery life. The price range of this CDMA phone starts from about $583

LG V20
A must-buy for Android power users; this is the best CDMA phone well suited for those who do not have enough time to charge their phones. With an excellent dual camera, this phone also has a robust Qualcomm chipset and a powerful Hi-Fi DAC/AMP. What makes it more promising is the 5.7-inch QHD display and a secondary screen for notifications and shortcuts. The starting price of this CDMA phone is about $546.

Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus
Apple is known for offering exceptional cameras, powerful hardware, and excellent stereo speakers, all packed in a waterproof, sleek body. The plus model has a better camera and superior battery life and is the best CDMA phone in the price range of $649 -$700.

Priced at $734, LG G6 is the best CDMA phone designed by LG with expandable memory and wireless charging. 5.7-inch QHD+ display is aesthetically embedded in the splash-resilient body, and this phone comes with a powerful Qualcomm processor.

HTC 10
Priced at about $599, this is the best CDMA phone designed with HTC that boasts of excellent audio experience with its terrific Boom Sound speakers. The ultra-sharp screen of this CDMA phone is well fitted with the machined metal body and comes with a desired warranty period.

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