Different materials used to make work jackets

Different materials used to make work jackets

Be it any kind of worker, construction, oil field, mechanic, farmer, carpenter or fisherman; one needs clothing and footwear that will fit perfectly and provide the required safety and doesn’t fall apart after a week’s usage. Brands like Carhartt and Walls, Dickies, and many others that have one thing in common is durability. They may not be fashionable enough, but they make it up for their functionality. So what are these work jackets made up off? Let us take a look.

Cotton duck
Cotton duck is the most famous workwear fabric and is a very durable kind of woven canvas. The word duck is derived from a Dutch word called doek which was a canvas used for making clothes for sailors. The traditional duck was made up of linen, but the latest ones are made up of cotton. Popular colors are tan, khaki and shades of brown and green. Cotton is an excellent fabric to block wind, and they are smooth in texture. At the beginning the duck can be a stiff and uncomfortable to wear but as it ages the fabric becomes comfortable.

Less durable than cotton duck, denim is a fabric which apart from being used in jeans and other clothing forms a perfect workwear fabric. Denim can be easily recognized by its diagonal ribbing on the surface. Denim is famous for a non-work fabric too.

Flannel is a light to medium weighted woven cloth that is 100% cotton. The fabric is soft and has a brushed surface. Flannel is commonly used for making long-sleeved shirts, bedding, and sleepwear. Flannel is an ideal option for working environments which are very cold. Flannel lined jeans are very famous during autumn and winter.

Obtained by tanning various animal hides, leather is an excellent fabric for workwear. Leather withstands wind to a large extent and is a perfect material for drivers. Cowhide is one of the most durable leather. The leather is used to make work jackets, boots, gloves, and belts.

Synthetic fabrics like nylon, polyester and many others were unknown and uncommon in the past. With the advancement of technology, the workwear industry gradually became accustomed to such fabrics. Brands like Carhartt nowadays offer workwear which is made of high-quality nylon, which is effective in blocking wind and water and remains durable.

Workwear companies have been combining these materials to come out with the best work jackets that serve the purpose efficiently with durability.

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