Four popular luggage brands to know about

Four popular luggage brands to know about

While traveling, a safe and sturdy luggage is a must-have when you are on the go. With so many brands available, it has become all the more complex to choose the luggage brand. Apart from the price of the luggage, the reputation of its brand and even the quality of the same needs to be taken into consideration. Below are four of the most popular luggage brands in the market:

One of the most popular luggage brands is Samsonite. The brand was launched more than 100 years ago as a truck manufacturer. It has a huge line of products available ranging from soft side bags to hard side bags, travel accessories, backpacks, and garment bags. Also, in their product line are included four-wheeled spinners and gliders with a lower center of gravity. Samsonite products offer a huge range of stylish products that are durable and offer value of money. The luggage offered by Samsonite usually falls in the low-to-mid price range.

American Tourister
For people who are looking for a luggage brand that is durable to take for a vacation once in a while, American Tourister is your go-to brand. It offers good quality luggage at a mid-to-low price range. They provide a huge variety of stylish and trendy luggage with a variety of bold colors and finishes. The dependable and widely available brand includes both hard side and soft side luggage.

Delsey was a popular leather camera cases producer back in 1946. It was founded in Paris and they entered the luggage industry in 1970 with their first hard case line. They created the first style with one main compartment similar to a soft side luggage form. Delsey continues to be the renowned brand for hard side bags. They have a wide range of products ranging from simple styles to colorful soft side bags, duffels, and garment bags. They are extremely durable and quite creative. Their price is around mid-range.

Tumi is a luxury brand, which happens to be also one of the most popular luggage brands. The brand focuses on durability, innovation, style, customer service, and quality. The price goes above mid-range to high-range. Hardside, abrasion-proof ballistic nylon, and fine leather are the materials from which luggage and accessories are available.

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