Healthy, simple low-carb recipes you must try

Healthy, simple low-carb recipes you must try

In our quest to lose weight, it is imperative that we should not lose sight of the various kinds of food that the body needs. A healthy and balanced diet with that includes all food groups in the right proportion are usually recommended, so that one doesn’t end up having just a few nutrients. Cutting off an ingredient from the kitchen can make you prone to deficiency of the essential ingredients. And you may risk yourself of various lifestyle diseases. Most weight conscious people avoid carbohydrates from their diet. The carbohydrates from the food items like veggies and fruits are vital for your overall health. Plus, they keep your metabolism in check and provide you energy to perform your daily chores. These five recipes inspire you to create some low-carb recipes in the kitchen.

A slice of homemade pizza
You can have a slice or two of pizza as long as the base is whole-wheat and it has been made at home with some creamy tomato sauce and vegetables like carrots, eggplants and baby tomatoes. Add some crumbled cheese on top and a nice pizza seasoning with a drizzle of olive oil. This way, you can satiate your junk food craving and consume your carbs as well. You can have this healthy low-carb recipe for your lunch or dinner.

Granola bar with a banana
You can have a granola bar with a banana for a quick snack or even your breakfast. Combine the two so that you don’t miss out on the protein and potassium from your diet. This low-carb dish will make sure that your metabolism is in check and boost your body’s energy level as well. Plus, it can go hand in hand with your weight loss diet regimen as well.

Roasted potatoes with grilled chicken
You can roast some potato wedges and sprinkle fresh herbs like parsley. Add the seasoned wedges with your grilled chicken for a protein and low-carb dose. You can also have other roasted vegetables with this meal. The veggies make for a perfect low-carb recipe; and they also have fiber, which is good for your digestive system.

Whole-wheat waffle
Make a paste with whole wheat flour, sugar, salt, butter and baking soda. And make crispy waffles of this mixture. You can add cinnamon powder, fruits, honey, chocolate syrup or any roasted seeds on your freshly-made waffle. Have a piece of waffle to make sure your body is not deprived of the carbs. Plus, as it’s a low-carb recipe, it makes for a perfect teatime snack item.

Cheesy zucchini slices
Zucchini is usually used in salads, but let’s do something creative with this veggie. Slice a zucchini. Spread a teaspoon of homemade tomato sauce on it. Season it and add grated cheese on top. Bake it until the cheese gets your desired texture. This is a great low-carb recipe that you can even make as starters for a party. These healthy bites are perfect for a Sunday dinner to make you feel special, even in those strict diet days.

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