Wickes: The one-stop shop for home improvement

Wickes: The one-stop shop for home improvement

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Almost all of your building and home remodeling accessories and tools are available in Wickes. Automotive and industrial products and textiles too are conveniently accessible in these stores.

Producing door panels and floor mats for cars and parts for jet engines in the automotive and industrial sector, this company is also one of the major players in the home improvement market. A leading manufacturer and marketer of wall coverings for residential and commercial use, and an international manufacturer of textiles including upholstery fabrics, commercial floor coverings, and women’s hosiery and related products, Wickes is diversified in its product category.

Unassumingly established in the local timber business in Michigan, the Wickes brothers chose this pine forest rich state to start their profitable enterprise.

Also establishing the Genesee Iron Works, a foundry and machine shop specializing in repairing and casting odd metal parts for equipment used in the logging and lumber business, the Wickes brothers developed and marketed the Wickes gang saw, a steam-powered mill saw that was extremely capable of ripping two or three logs into boards simultaneously. This is how they revolutionized the lumber milling business and created a national and international market.

Branching out to repairing and re-selling worn-out equipments that included all kinds of machinery, enabled the growth of their business. Noticing that one of the most frequently bought and resold items were industrial boilers, the brothers started Wickes Boiler Company and Wickes Bros. Foundry. The third Wickes business, The United States Graphite Company (U.S. Graphite), incorporated in 1891, supplied the graphite-based lead substitute for at least 90% of the world’s pencils at one point in time.

Taking advantage of the increased timber requirements, a retail outlet for building supplies that maintained a healthy stock of all types of lumber and construction products, Wickes created a one-stop store to which builders simply sent their trucks and purchased the necessary supplies with no delays and at very low prices.

In 1971 Wickes Companies, Inc., expanded its business to Europe and entered into many new enterprises, including retail furniture, consumer credit, modular housing, and commercial construction businesses.

Shop for ideas, advice and offers on all your home improvement needs at Wickes. Whether it is for your kitchen, bathroom, floors, walls, gardens, heating, plumbing, lighting, painting or security, do it right with them.

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