Holiday recipes to cook with family

Holiday recipes to cook with family

Cooking is fun but when only you must slog in the kitchen to make festive feasts for friends and family, some frustration is justified. Spending hours in the kitchen makes you lose out on quality time with loved ones. Not anymore! This holiday season, make cooking a family affair and get your whole family to cook some fresh and easy festive delights. Involving kids in the kitchen is a great way to enjoy some family time and teach them important skills that last a lifetime. Check out these quick and easy holiday recipes that you could make with your entire family.

Popeye breads
Making breakfast with your little ones is a great idea during Christmas holidays. You could make healthy meals that can help them learn the benefits of healthy eating and nutrition. What’s best, they wouldn’t be picky about eating what they spent time making. Toast some spinach bread and help your kids understand the goodness of embracing spinach at breakfast time. After all their favorite hero Popeye knew what he was doing. Popeye breads are easy to make. Toast breads and blend a batter of cherry tomatoes, ham, eggs and spinach. Add the mixture between the toasted breads and let it grill. Once grilled, serve with some fried eggs and enjoy!

Choco porridge
Porridge is a great breakfast item and has all the makings of a wholesome meal. With Christmas and kids around, playing a bit with this staple food wouldn’t hurt. Get your troupe to make porridge with some cocoa powder, toasted hazelnut and orange zest and see how your little ones enjoy devouring this heavenly potion.

Christmas Tree Cupcakes
Since it’s Christmas why not get your little ones bake a super cool Christmas tree. Get your family to make tasty mini vanilla almond cupcakes and assemble the divine dessert in the shape of a Christmas tree. Dust some green sprinklers and jimmies over the assembled tree and embellish it with edible red and golden jellies and ribbons. How cool is that!

Heavenly thanksgiving leftover sandwich
If you have a fridge full of leftovers from last night’s thanksgiving dinner, make quick and easy turkey sandwiches. Making these sandwiches with leftovers will not only reduce your family’s prep time, it would also teach your kiddos resourcefulness. Make some comfort sandwich with turkey, cream cheese and cherry tomatoes. If you also have some cranberry relish left from the dinner, use that to give your sandwich that extra punch!

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