How to care of your bar stools in three easy steps

How to care of your bar stools in three easy steps

From a natural vibe to a more chic and sophisticated feel, a bar stool can literally change the way your guests view your room. Bar stools come in a variety of frames like fixed or adjustable, in a range of materials (mostly metal and wood) and designs such as a dome or a flat base. Multiple fabrics can be used to make bar stool seats like plastic, leather, faux leather or even textiles like cotton and velvet. However, bar stools too, need persistent maintenance. Here are three simple steps for managing your bar stools, which will prolong their quality and life.

Check for material you are using
Your cleaning procedures are imperative. It mainly depends on what material has been incorporated in the bar stool. If you have a metal bar stool, cleaning is easier with a gentle cleansing agent and a wet cloth. For everyday cleaning, you can use a duster. However, you should ensure that metal bar stools aren’t exposed to a lot of moisture. Similarly, a wooden bar stool must be protected from excessive moisture at every cost and wiped only with a non-abrasive cloth.

Types of bar stools
Bar stools can be fixed structures or single stem gas lift models to allow adjustments on the bar stool. While fixed bar stools are relatively easier to maintain, a common myth is that the gas lift models need maintenance at regular intervals. They have a sealed mechanism, making it a smart investment for home furniture.

Usage patterns
If you have excessive usage of the bar stools, it is suggested that you do not use fabrics for bar stool seats, since that may cause wear and tear much quickly. Plastic seats are durable if the plastic is solid. On the other hand, marks can comfortably be taken care of with scratch removers.

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