How to choose a 3 wheeled bicycle for toddlers

How to choose a 3 wheeled bicycle for toddlers

A bicycle is an important part of a child’s growing up years. From squealing in the front yard on a 3 wheeled bicycle to riding up the hills seated on the coolest 2 wheeled bicycle, they make for the best childhood memories. If you are planning to buy a 3 wheeled bicycle for your toddler, there is better gift, right

Riding a bicycle not only promotes growth in toddlers but also makes for a fun ride. It is a great way of keeping your child busy while enjoying too. So what the factors that should affect one’s decision when buying a 3 wheeled bicycle? When it comes to your children, you want to make sure that they get best and something that keeps them safe. And thus, you have to be aware of certain factors before going ahead with your purchase.

Here is how you should choose a 3 wheeled bicycle for your toddler:

Quality comes first – Your toddler will be playing with the bicycle for several hours in the day. Thus, it is essential that the 3 wheeled bicycle you choose is of the finest quality. In case, toxic materials are employed in building the bicycle, it can be very harmful to the child.

Design – While 3 wheeled bicycles may seem very straightforward, they are not. All tricycles do not have the same type of seats, handlebars, versatility, etc. The seat that is used is important as it determines the comfort level. A triangularly shaped sheet is commonly used, however, one with a backrest is much more comfortable. Some bicycles are attached with bells and whistles, these attractive add-ons will make your child more excited about his/her new ride.

The material used – 3 wheeled bicycles may be made from metal or plastic. Although metal is more durable it can rust over time if left out in the open. Plastic is fairly durable and is lighter. However, if your child is moving about, a plastic 3 wheeled bicycle may be subject to tipping and may not be as smooth on rough paths.

Size – Most manufacturers today make 3 wheeled bicycles that are easier to adjust and suit the age of your child. Ensure that the toddler’s feet comfortably reach the pedals as well as touch the ground. This makes it easier for him/her to get on and off the bicycle.

You can choose to buy a 3 wheeled bicycle online or from a retail outlet. While buying the bicycle online may seem like an easier way, you should absolutely be sure of your purchase by reading reviews of the product put up by other users.

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