Interior decoration ideas inspired by the 1960’s

Interior decoration ideas inspired by the 1960’s

Sixties was the style era of American history, that was looked upon for its luxury and flamboyance. It marked the beginning of changes in the American culture which gave birth to new ideas, trends and a distinct style of interior decoration. Everything became more dynamic, graphic and expressive, unlike contemporary interiors.

While the high-tech metallic look of the discos influenced home and office with pop art posters, colors and patterns which create the illusion of movement; the “Ethnic” colors and styles inspired by India, Spain, and Moroccan cultures were also introduced.

Colors and fabrics
Nature inspired colors and fabrics portrayed the wild and wonderful revolution in the designing industry. Shades of Green, yellow, pink, and orange were very popular along with their vibrant neon and can be seen on everything – wallpaper, carpets, curtains, sofas, chair seats, and cushions, often with patterns or bright flowers. Black and white psychedelic patterns that fool the eye and acid-edged colors were also admired. Polka dots wallpapers, contrasting colors and off-beat combinations of bright tangerine and bright red with aqua became a signature decor statement to define a galling 60’s look.

Furniture trends
Furniture made of metal, glass wood, PVC and a combination of all came into existence. The ‘S’ shaped chairs and biomorphic forms inspired by the science fiction were made using the molded plastic. While space age designs often focused on unusual shapes; bean bag and pod chairs focused on molding the institutions for fit people. Molded designs were made softer and looser to take the shape of the sitter. A lot of furniture was designed to be disposable and temporary. Open shelving in the Danish style was often used as room separators.

Brightly colored high-pile shag rugs and textured rugs made in India and Morocco came into a trend. Shag rugs were soft, cozy and luxurious and a warmer alternative of the hard floor for the people living in cold climate. In addition to that, they were perfect for toddlers to navigate without hurting their knees and safer for the old age people as they avoid skit.

Home decors
Lava Lamps and metallic structures was another defining look of the 1960’s. Metallic sculptures of mushrooms, daisies, and owls made of copper or other metal were being used as a statement room decor.

The overall look of the sixties wrapped all the elements to give an open and conveying look. The design became a means of provoking emotion and reaction. However while decorating your home with the sixties inspired decor ideas, keep in mind that houses back then were not as energy efficient as today’s homes. Make a perfect blend of modern technology and the 1960’s inspired lifestyle and wild tangerines.

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