Luxurious and smart look is now possible in any type of bathrooms

Luxurious and smart look is now possible in any type of bathrooms

The bathroom is one of those spaces in a house where every minute aspect of the design is important. It is also the only space in a house where an interior designer or the contractor needs to take into consideration too many accessories. Considering that people these days are very choosy, right from the bathtub to the tiniest brush holder, everything requires special attention.

Bathroom design
Large, medium, or small “ whatever may be the size, modern homeowners in the US want their bathrooms to look nice and soothing. Plenty of tiles and accessories are available in the market that can make it look luxurious at limited cost. Again, many homeowners expect their bathrooms to be smart and ultra-modern. Some trendy bathroom design concepts and appliances need a closer look:

Double sinks: These are also known as trough sinks. It is basically an enlarged version of common sinks where two individuals can be accommodated easily. In fact, these sinks are used in modern bathrooms for a more comfortable washing experience. Older people often use these sinks to wash voluminous products.

Shower seats: This is a new concept in the US. Previously, people used showers in upright standing position, but now households prefer to spend more time under showers. Various shower seats are available for decorating the bathrooms.

Reachable curbless shower: Nobody likes to stumble over the space while reaching to the shower. The latest shower designs remove built-in perils for a safer and comfortable experience. In the past, it was almost a standard norm to have the showerhead fitted over the bathtub, but now homeowners have been abandoning this type of design in favor of easily reachable curbless showers.

Open corner shelves: The modern-day bathrooms are designed with open corner shelves. If a corner is not available, open shelves are quite trendy. Rolling up soft, colorful towels, various soaps, and other bathing essentials in these shelves look fabulous.

Changing designs of tubs: Freestanding tubs are quite popular these days. Varieties of tubs in attractive designs, made of various materials are available for installation.

Smart bathroom accessories: Water-efficient faucets and showerheads are quickly replacing the traditional concepts. Increasing concern for water and rising water bills are behind this shifting trend in the modern-day bathrooms. In certain drought-prone areas, this concept has become the mainstream aspect in bathrooms; however, other places are also getting habituated with smart bathroom appliances.

Warm bathroom floors: Bathroom floors with electrically heated systems are getting importance as in most of the places in the US, bathroom floors are extremely cold.

Fogless mirrors: New technology has enabled the manufacturers to market fogless mirrors. These mirrors don’t get hazy in any condition. Naturally, people like these mirrors over conventional ones.

Besides, many other interesting trends have been noticed over the last few years. With the changing technology, the bathrooms are also getting smarter and more attractive. Households now keep an equal focus on the interior design of the bathrooms like the other rooms in a house.

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