Popular features of LG Cell Phone Covers

Popular features of LG Cell Phone Covers

Everyone dreads having their phone damaged, but there is an easy solution. Phone covers come to your rescue. You can easily save your phone by not taking a risk and by protecting your phone with a case. It will not only protect your phone but will also reflect your personality. If you have colorful phone covers, you can match them with your outfits and uplift your mood.

Good LG cell phone covers will save your phone from harsh components and exterior damage such as scrapes, dirt, falls, spills, and water damage. If you are not satisfied with the ones available online (although there are endless options), you can get a personalized phone cover with different styles and design.

If you are looking for some quirky covers, LG has them too. Be it abstract designs or famous slogans, there is a wide variety of LG cell phone covers with both matte and shiny finish to match the cool quotient of your style. Next time when you are hanging out with friends, you can show off with your slim profile and colorful LG cell phone covers that are both durable and impact resistant.

Types of LG cell phone covers

One of the highly recommended LG phone covers, the CoverON HexaGuard Series is a protective hybrid case ideal for LG Stylo 3/ Stylo 3 Plus, available in various colors of pink, green and black. The two-piece hybrid case is a combination of a flexible silicone rubber inner skin for shock protection and hard polycarbonate back cover with an armor plate for the first line of defense against scratches and impacts. The double protective case is very lightweight yet provides super protection.
Another model of LG cell phone covers is CoverON SecureCard compatible for LG G6/ G6 Plus with an additional secure credit card holder slot. Unlike HexaGuard, this one has a modern brushed metal look giving it a cutting-edge appeal. The slim fitting lightweight cover comes with a Credit Card Holder at the back where you can slip 1-2 normal sized cards and lock the slot. You can easily watch videos or movies hands-free using its Kickstand feature by doubling its door as a fold-out kickstand. If you want to show off your new LG K8V, use CoverON ClearGuard series protective hybrid case which has a fully transparent clear back plate.

FlexShock technology

Keeping in mind how important your phone is to you, LG cell phone covers are made of FlexShock™ material which is an advanced impact protection material. To prevent your phone from unexpected mishaps, FlexShock™ is a cutting-edge equipment which provides maximum protection to your device. The FlexShock material is available in four cases – Evo Elite, Evo Check, Evo Wallet, Evo Tactical Extreme Edition.
Compatible with LG Stylo 2 Plus, Evo Tactical is an ultra-thin and super-lightweight phone cover which offers 3m/10ft protection after a drop. With a rugged matte finish, the cover is designed to complement your phone. Providing a secure fit, the cover provides comfortable access to all ports and function buttons, providing an unhindered user experience.

Touch-enabled phone cover

In 2016, LG went an extra mile and introduced the latest version of its Quick Cover case for their best smartphone, the LG G5. Combining the advantages of earlier launched Quick Covers, the latest LG cell phone covers has added features. Now you do not have to open the phone to take the calls or control the alarm settings due to its touch function.

Using LG’s signature “second screen” available in model LG G5, you can easily check the date, time and other notifications without opening the Quick Cover. Available in black color, the ultra-thin hard case is also compatible with the LG G6 and protects the phone from nicks, scratches, and smudges. LG Quick Cover works well with other LG phone models including LG V20 and LG V10. You just need to open the cover to unlock your phone automatically.

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