Unisex baby names that are super popular right now!

Unisex baby names that are super popular right now!

Naming your baby is a defining experience and one of the first big decisions of your life as a parent. Sometimes the right name just hits you and you’re at peace with your decision but sometimes it takes a while just because you need it it be just right.

While you’re going through pages and pages of baby name books online and offline, unisex names stand apart for parents who don’t know the gender of their unborn child, but still want to name them before they are born. If you are on the fence about some names check out these uber-popular unisex baby names that work beautifully for babies no matter what the gender.

A Greek name, Drew is derived from the name Andrew and it stands for courage and masculinity. This name has different meanings in different languages and works well for girls and boys alike.

Harper simply means a musician who plays a harp. Of English origin, Harper is also a last name. This name became quite a trend among girls after author Harper Lee rose to success.

A unisex name, Charlie is derived from names like Charles, Charlotte or Charlene. Also of English origin, the meaning of Charlie is said to be free. It is also a very common nickname in countries like France and England.

An English last name, Taylor has now become a popular unisex name after celebrities like Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift emerged. Derived from the occupational ‘tailor’, the name continues to stay on the top of unisex baby names.

Coming from the word bailiff, i.e. an agent or an official, over the years, the name has gained widespread popularity as a unisex name in the country. It also happens to be a very prevalent name across the pond.

With a Greek origin, Alex is often a nickname for formal names like Alexandra or Alexander. Though, many parents tend to name their child just Alex. Simple, short, sweet and perfectly unisex.

Max just sounds cool. It is a shortened version of names like Maxima, Maxwell or Maximilian. It is derived from old English names.

Originally a last name of the English origin, Addison means son of Adam. In the past few years it has strayed away from the label of a guy name and has drastically gained some serious popularity as a unisex name.

With an old Welsh origin, the name Morgan has multiple meanings like the sea circle, warrior of the ocean or the bright sea. Morgan prominently transformed into a unisex name in the past few decades.

Parker is simply someone who is a gate keeper or a park keeper. But is sounds way cooler than that. Currently, it is speeding towards becoming a cool first name for babies.

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