Reasons to buy the MacBook Air

Reasons to buy the MacBook Air

Apple has offered its target market with several laptops with MacBook Air being an imminent hit. If you are looking to purchase Apple laptops and do not know which one to pick, then take a look at the reasons on why should you pick MacBook Air.

Listed below are some of the key reasons why should you buy a MacBook Air!

Price is under $1000
While the MacBook Pro from Apple costs $1,499, the MacBook Air is priced at $999. This makes it affordable and laptop users do prefer this competitive price range.

Better battery life
Continuous surfing on Wi-Fi is no issue with Apple laptops and MacBook Air allows the user to surf online for 14 hours on a single battery charge. Other laptops in the similar configuration last up to 9 hours but MacBook Air clearly stands out as a winner.

Dual USB ports
All other MacBook from Apple have USB Type-C ports. The majority of other peripherals in the market have square USB Type A connector. This is not an issue with MacBook Air and the users can connect through dual 3.0 ports.

SD card slot included
A Unique Selling Point of MacBook Pro is the fact that while many laptops need a card reader for transfer of photographs and other data, the case with MacBook Pro is luckily different.

The MacBook Pro comes with an age old traditional SD card slot. Just plug in the card and transfer your data effortlessly.

MagSafe connector usage
The MacBook is generally charged through USB Type-3 or Thunderbolt 3. This essentially means that power, data or videos can be sent through a single connection only. This can be dangerous at times if someone trips over the power cord as the laptop can fall down resulting in complete breakdown.

In Apple MacBook Air laptops, however, the MagSafe power connector is used which detaches whenever someone trips over it. This saves your MacBook Air from crashing down.

Updated keyboard
The keyboard is better than the 12-inch MacBook from Apple. The Keypad is highly responsive than the earlier variant. Mac Book Air will obviously redefine the way; you have been using laptops until now.

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