Six foods that burn fat quickly

Six foods that burn fat quickly

You don’t always have to resort to complex fitness regimes to achieve your weight-loss goals. A balanced diet plan incorporating fat burning foods can help you ditch those extra pounds quickly. Sounds too good to be true? There are certain foods that have a naturally high thermogenic effect. Simply put, your body burns down several calories just by digesting these foods. Not only do these foods help you burn fat quickly, they also provide several nutritional benefits. Listed below are some of the foods that burn fat!

Dark Chocolate
Who said you would have to give up on all your cravings? A study by Louisiana University concluded that the gut microbes present in our stomach, ferment chocolate and boost the production of gut-healthy polyphenolic compounds. These compounds enable our bodies to burn fat effectively. Pick a dark chocolate with over 70% cacao content to get the best results.

Quinoa is packed with proteins and amino acids that are essential for fat loss, muscle build-up and healthy bones. A study published in the Food Chemistry journal found high levels of betaine in Quinoa. The presence of this chemical helps your body to process fats and boost metabolism.

Oysters are a great dietary source of zinc, iron and vitamin B12. Zinc helps in regulating appetite by increasing the production of the hormone, leptin. Oysters are also low on calories and rich in Omega-3. Six medium sized oysters are said to have as less as 47 calories according to the U.S Department of Agriculture. Eat oysters with a squeeze of lime to reap the benefits.

Hot peppers
Spicy food lovers, rejoice! Hot peppers like Cayenne, Jalapenos and Habaneros are rich in capsaicin. According to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, capsaicin converts food into energy, thereby accelerating abdominal weight loss. Peppers not only pack a punch in your food but also suppress your appetite, kill bad bacteria and prevent stomach problems.

Turmeric contains an active pigment called curcumin that reduces weight gain and body fat levels. Curcumin is also essential for decreasing inflammation in the body as well as in your fat cells. Turmeric is a great fat burner and including it in your daily diet will accelerate your weight-loss process.

Cinnamon has excellent fat-burning benefits. Consumption of cinnamon on a daily basis can help reduce abdominal fat. It is a very powerful antioxidant and improves insulin sensitivity. By controlling the blood sugar levels, it prevents sugar crashes that induce hunger and fat accumulation in the body.

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