Some popular service providers for business phone and Internet bundles

Some popular service providers for business phone and Internet bundles

It could be a daunting task to choose a phone and Internet bundle for your business as you will be literally putting all your communication eggs in one basket. Consider your budget, needs, and requirements before you select a plan and a service provider for your business phone Internet bundle.

Here is a list of some popular service providers and plans offered by them.

It offers The Voice and Internet bundle include features like unlimited local and long-distance calling, 10 professional calling features including caller ID and call forwarding. Internet speeds up to 10, 25, 50, and 100 Mbps that are ideal for 3, 8, 17, and 33 devices respectively.
Other Internet features include web browsing, web conferencing, hosting your own email and website servers, etc. The bundles have monthly charges ranging from $60 and $120.

Frontier Business
Frontier business offer four types of business phone Internet bundles:
FIOS 25 Mbps + phone is one of the basic plans offered by FIOS. It offers 25 Mbps of maximum Internet speed which are suitable for small offices. The features include business email with the ability to share files and nationwide unlimited calling plan.
FIOS 50 Mbps + phone can be subscribed for small to medium offices. This plan provides sharing files and streaming across multiple devices. It also has a nationwide unlimited calling plan which includes business-class phone lines.
FIOS 75 Mbps + phone provides an Internet speed of 75 Mbps which is ideal for large file sharing. Using this bundle, you can network several computers to one broadband connection. With this, it also includes nationwide unlimited calling plan.
FIOS 150 Mbps + phone offers the maximum Internet speed of 150 Mbps. This plan is specifically designed for frequent sharing of high-bandwidth files. Due to higher bandwidth, it offers seamless video conferencing and also execute webinars. It has nationwide unlimited calling plan.
All the above-mentioned plans come with one and two year agreement with monthly charges ranging from $105 to $225.

Verizon offers four different bundles at four different FIOS (Fiber Optic Internet Service) Internet speed.
They offer plans at 75, 150, 300, and 500 Mbps of FIOS Internet with business digital voice, that is, one VOIP line with unlimited nationwide calling. You can also add FIOS TV for $10 per month in each of these plans. The bundle price range from $90 to $295 per month with a two year agreement and auto renewal.

To know more about business phone internet bundles, visit the service providers official website.

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