The greatest fine arts creations of all time

The greatest fine arts creations of all time

Art is a fiercely subjective aspect of our lives. No connoisseur of art can possibly come to a consensus regarding the best piece of art created. Here are possibly 5 of the greatest fine arts creations of all time.

Starry Night
Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night with its mystic color palette and strangely endearing swirls has won many hearts across the world. This nocturne painting was created during van Gogh’s recovery time in the asylum. Van Gogh was unfortunately considered to be a madman when he was alive, his works gradually gained huge recognition in Europe after he died. Starry Night happens to be greatest works of van Gogh, and stands as a testimony to the belief that grief somehow translates itself into creativity.

Whistler’s Mother
It would be hard not to recognize the Whistler’s mother painting, because it has been so prominent in the popular culture. This painting was a spontaneous creation by James McNeil Whistler. Earlier known as the Arrangement in Grey and Black No 1 Whistler’s Mother, it wasn’t exactly received by certain critics and museums with euphoria. It was later acquired by Musee de Luxemborg in Paris, which helped it become the iconic piece of art it is today. It is currently housed in the Musee d’Orsay in Paris.

Mona Lisa
If there could be an accolade for debates about smiles, the one with Mona Lisa’s would definitely win. Created by Leonardo da Vinci this is portrait of Lisa Gherardeni, and is considered to be the most famous piece of art. If one happens to be in Paris, Mona Lisa housed in The Louvre is certainly not to be missed.

The Scream
The Scream by Edward Munch, shows a human figure with a tormented expression on his face, with an eccentric combination of an orange and dark blue whirling in the background. This painting is known to captivate the viewer’s attention, and forcing them to think about what kind of sentiments it is trying to emote. Munch’s artwork expresses the honest chaos within the human mind. It focuses on the intimate truth rather than the conventional aesthetic standards of an artwork.

Girl with the Pearl Ring
An oil painting by Johannes Vermeer, Girl with the Pearl Ring depicts a girl with a luminous face, wearing an exotic dress and a turban, with a large pearl earring. Also, known as the Mona Lisa of North, this creation thrives on its mystifying simplicity. While it is uncertain about who the girl actual is, she has still managed to hypnotize art experts as well as general spectators all around the globe. It is currently a permanent resident in Mauritshuis, an art museum in Hague, Netherlands.

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