The ultimate guide to buying the best-ever murphy beds

The ultimate guide to buying the best-ever murphy beds

Murphy beds are such ingenious household components that require no special introduction. They are highly sought after for making any living area with space constraints much more livable. If you have been wanting to buy the most suitable murphy bed, here are a few things to consider which would make your buy cost effective and impressive.

Lifting mechanism
One of the most significant features of Murphy beds that distinguish them from other options is the lifting mechanism. Here you will get two standard options including:

Piston lift mechanism: This type of lifting mechanism make the lifts as quiet as a whisper and while they are considered the most durable, you may even get lifetime warranties.

Spring lift mechanism: The major difference between the two options is that this one is a bit noisier. Some of them may even require a bit tightening after a few months or so. In any case, either of the options is highly comfortable and easy to handle.

Horizontal or vertical murphy beds
When Murphy beds were originally created, they came in vertical styles. But things have changed subsequently since then. Today, you can get plenty of options, which open horizontally. The vertical beds are very effective for rooms with high ceilings along with optimum floor space for accommodating the bed when it is opened. On the other hand, the horizontal patterns are perfect for the tight spaces in rooms with low ceilings, such as a room in the attic.

Free-standing murphy bed
This type of Murphy bed is ideal for tenants or for people who are staying somewhere temporarily. This is because these beds do not require any fastening or mounting to the walls or the floors. You will also get Murphy beds, which can transform from a table desk to a bed.

Built-in Murphy bed
The built-in Murphy beds can be concealed behind the walls as well as at the back of wardrobes and other furniture. Unlike the free-standing Murphy beds, these are permanent fixtures and they can’t be moved as per your changing needs.

Revolving wall murphy bed
Even though most murphy beds tend to unfurl from a cabinet, there are also twirl murphy beds, which can be concealed behind a rotating furniture. Moreover, there are bunk beds-cum-murphy beds in which you can accommodate your kids. Plus, if you have pets in your home and you don’t want to invest in separate beds for them, you always have the option to invest in a good quality doggie murphy bed.

These tips would definitely help you choose the best murphy beds, which would continue to serve you for years. No matter whether you are trying to create an open space or add a funky style, there is a Murphy bed to assist you. You will simply have to understand your needs, preferences and the overall decor of your home.

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