Types of chair cushions and why they are important

Types of chair cushions and why they are important

Chair cushions are those accessory ornamentations you may use to make your angular chair comfortable. These are of many types and sizes depending on the type of chair you want to fit them into. For example, arm chairs or rocking chairs have a different type of cushion designed for them, whereas, dining chairs have cushions entirely different from that of the former. Posture cushions, lumbar back support, resting cushions are some of the varieties of functional chair cushions, which you may find.

Importance of chair cushions
The importance of chair cushions may sound little and light, but in reality, they have a lot to do with your health. They are significant from a medical point of view more than the view of fashion.

Chair cushions help you to:
Maintain a regular sitting posture
Rest your back and bottom in a comfortable manner and prevent stiffness or hardness caused from wooden or sharp furniture
Position yourself in a right manner
Manage the pressure in your body uniformly while sitting on them. Wheelchair cushions also help old people to manage their body pressure with ease while traveling or even at home.

Now, let us discuss the various types of chair cushions based on materials and their unique features.

Foam cushions
This is the most basic type of chair cushions available. It has no special resting characteristics or additional pressure management features, although it has modifications in the types of layers. For example, if you want simple and single-density features, you may go for foam cushions with a single layer of base. On the other hand, if you are looking for double or multi-layered contoured bases, you have foam cushions with this specification as well. Foam cushions are:
Easy to maintain
Fairly cheap

Gel cushions
Gel cushions are specifically made and designed for people who want to optimize their pressure relief with cushions. It has a special feature of gel pack, which makes it up. When a person “immerses” into this gel pack, it reduces the body pressure considerably and makes him/her feel cozy. They also have a contoured base to deal with positioning issues of the user. This type of cushion is a bit heavy in weight. It is costlier than foam cushions, but the price is certainly worth the product. Gel cushions are:
Easy to maintain
Have a stable seating surface
Have advanced positioning cushions

Air cushions
Air cushion is the ultimate option for you, if you are looking for exceptional pressure relieving cushions. They are filled with air as the name suggests. This type of cushion helps the user’s pressure points to gradually “sink” into the cushion, allowing pressure relief. They are available in both 2″ and 4″ heights. If you want to maximize pressure relief, choose the latter. Air cushions have:
Adjustable firmness (due to air filling)
Amazing pressure-relieving mechanism
Low cost
Low maintenance

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