Types of fleece to choose from for your jacket

Types of fleece to choose from for your jacket

Fleece is said to be a versatile clothing item that everyone must have in their wardrobes. Whether you’re combing through fleece jackets sales or fleece jacket deals, you must know why and for what purpose you need to pick the best fleece for you. Let us take a look at how to pick the best fleece jacket.

Fleece clothing has been made from man-made synthetic fibers, and many a time, fleece is manufactured from 100% polyester. Fleece can also be seen in the form of fleece gilets, fleece tops, fleece pants, etc. Fleece has historically been the perfect and the best material for a mid-layer purpose that has been prepared through the long-lasting artificial fibers that keep the air in. Fleece tops are prepared with numerous features that suit for different purposes. This article lists the different types of fleece available.

Textured fleece
Textured fleece is available in various types. For instance, you can find that the ‘Yogi Juniper’ as well as ‘Yeti Snaggle’ which have got textured fleece, and are extremely soft and perfect that keep you warm during the colder season.

Mid-weight fleece
The most common of all fleece types is known as a ‘mid-weight fleece’ which is perfect for daily wear as well as for various other outdoor activities. While mid-weight fleeces consist of very high levels of insulation, it also has more breathability and coziness as compared to any of other microfleece.

You can use the ‘ash fleece’ which is another extremely popular, well-known mid-weight fleece that is thick enough to keep you warm and cozy on a cold day. It can also be worn beneath a jacket for the additional warmth during the cold. This fleece is ideal for activities such as mountaineering, climbing, hiking, trekking or in certain conditions where you need ease of movement, along with the flexibility and there is no need of any extra insulation as you produce body heat naturally.

Thin and lightweight microfleeces have been working great as a mid-layer that is considered as one of the best outerwear in milder weather. A microfleece offers a lower level of insulation, which makes it perfect wear for activities. Likewise, weight is essential when it comes to this type of mid-layer, one will find features such as pockets and hoods. You will find that the Snowdon, as well as Montana Fleece, have been popular choices due to their lightweight properties and even effective insulating system. While microfleece is ideal for general wear and it can also be worn during running or skiing.

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