Types of refrigerators that you can buy

Types of refrigerators that you can buy

A refrigerator or ‘fridge’ is an insulated compartment that keeps perishable food items safe from spoilage. The low temperature inhibits the cultivation of spreading of bacteria, keeping your food safe.

There are different kinds of refrigerators based on your needs. The best refrigerator deals use a combination of size, price, and style.

These are the different types of refrigerators that are available in the market:

French door
These are double door refrigerators with compartments and shelves on both sides. They are spacious and also come with ice and water dispensers on their doors. They usually have freezers at the bottom. Many brands are giving the best refrigerator deals today but GE provides the best deal of them all. The PYE22KSKSS is the best in its size and price category of french door fridges.

Side by side
These refrigerators also have two compartments but one side of the refrigerator is usually for storage and the other is a freezer. This can be less energy efficient and can cause problems in storage. Due to its spacious feature, this is one of the most sought-after refrigerator types. The Whirlpool WRS321CDBM is available on the most affordable refrigerator deals in the market.

Top freezer
These are the most common refrigerators. They have a freezer on top and the bottom compartments are larger and are used for storage. They are energy efficient and provide a lot of storage capacity. Though losing popularity, the best refrigerator deals today can be found in this category. The Avanti RA7316PST proves the best in the category.

Bottom freezer
Here, the freezer is at the bottom which makes reaching the refrigeration and storage shelves easier. These are usually less spacious in comparison to top freezer type refrigerators. Top and bottom freezer types are usually the most affordable refrigerators. With affordable prices, the KitchenAid KBLS19KCMS is a good refrigerator.

These are the most spacious refrigerators with various compartments, shelves, and features. They can have French doors or even open up to four doors. They are large refrigerators and have a variety of freezers as well. These can be used in both domestic and commercial setups. The Frigidaire refrigerators provide good features with their FGRU19F6QF model.

These are small affordable refrigerators that are suitable for small rooms, apartments or dormitory rooms. These can be used as a secondary refrigerator to store small items such as beverages. The Haier HC40SG42SB provides good storage for a mini fridge and an additional small freezer as well.


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