Chevrolet trucks: Leading roads since 1947

Chevrolet trucks: Leading roads since 1947

With Chevrolet Advance Design first launched in 1947, Chevrolet trucks are a common sight on the roads. It was from the mid to late 2000s that they brought major change to Chevrolet trucks. They then became more stylish and came with additional features which were far better than that of the competitors. Malibu Maxx SS, the HRR SS, and Trailblazer SS were all the epitome of modernity back then. But Silverado SS was something apart from them. It can be safely said that the Chevy truck sale for this particular truck was not at par with others. But, at the same time, the reason was not a bad one.

The truck was a good one. With all the modern features and a capability to reach 60 miles an hour in merely 3 seconds was something. But the price of $40,000 was huge, even back then. It was finally in 2006 that some minor modifications were done, some features made optional to bring down the cost of the car. The company succeeded in what it wanted to do: bring the prices down. It sure did boost up the sales. Even though most people used it as a passenger vehicle and not as a truck, it was doing fairly well. There were not too many modern features back then; unlike today.

The new Chevy truck prices for SS Silverado were $28,400. With up gradation came higher prices: $32,400 for a double cab and $36,800 for a crew cab. The new Chevy trucks sale was expected to rise owing to these exceptionally affordable prices. But, it may be that some people don’t want a cheap truck. Along with everything else, they were also in want of luxury. So, that is what Chevrolet is for. They also put up some such features for those people who wanted just that.

In short, this is just a glimpse of what Chevy truck deal is about. With few downs and a lot of ups, Chevrolet trucks have sustained in the market for quite a long time. In fact, it is growing with grace.

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