Dockers pants – Why it is a must have

Dockers pants – Why it is a must have

Dockers is a world renowned brand, creating khaki garments and other accessories from the house of Levi Strauss & Co. The pants were introduced by the company in the year 1986, and it soon became a best-selling brand. Within a year, Dockers introduced clothing for women as well. Then in 1993, the company found its way to Europe under the guidance of Joe Middleton. Today, Dockers is famous for its range of leather wallets and belts, shoes, and pants.

Right Pants For The Fast-Paced Life
Dockers pants can be classed as innovative smart pants which have been devised for a mobile lifestyle. According to the Senior Vice President of Dockers, the new on-the-go series of Dockers pants deliver on style and comfort. These Dockers pants use impressive stain and wrinkle resistance, perfect for the low maintenance man.

The Most Coveted Men’s Clothing
In spite of producing clothing for both men and women, Dockers has long been associated with men’s pants. There are people who have been wearing Dockers pants since their inception. There are various options to choose from, and you will certainly find something to suit your style. From standard tapered designs to skinny tapered, what else do you need? You can wear them with anything, and the variety of colors suit almost any shade of shirts or tees. They are perfect for work, parties, or simply sauntering along country roads.

Finding The Right Pants For You
Dockers pants have four different sizes to select from- D1, D2, D3, and D4. The first size, D1 is slim through the seat and thighs, while the D2 is straight seat and thighs. If you want the classic Dockers style then D3 is perfect for you, with its roomy seat and thighs. The D4 gives extra space in the hip and thighs.

Choose From Your Favorite Collection
Once you have found the right size for yourself, choose the right style for your preferences. Here also, you will come across four essential styles of Docker pants.

These are the classic Docker pants made from 100 percent cotton. They feature a zip fly and button closure. They are fade and wrinkle resistant and have a front crease.

These pants don’t need ironing and yet are perfect for office wear. You will not have to think about maintenance, just wash and go. The best thing about these pants is that they are made of 100 percent cotton, and have a bar and hook closure. The color bond technology will prevent the colors from fading.

Field Khaki and Alpha Collection
These are two other styles of Docker pants that are part of the basic current collection. Beyond the classic khaki and signature styles, these are the modern classics. There have been many other styles developed in recent years, and you will definitely find the one that matches your needs and personality.

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