How to choose the best energy company for you?

How to choose the best energy company for you?

Customers choose their energy company by the reviews on customer satisfaction, value for money, cheap bills and energy saving systems. You can get gas and electric connection from different suppliers or go with one company that offers both services. It is advisable to check over the company’s track record to enjoy a stress-free experience in using and managing the energy supplied. The major concerns on choosing the right gas and electricity company will be on the amount they would have to pay every month.

Here we shall scrutinize which energy companies have received the most positive feedback from their customers. Surprisingly, a survey tells that many of the big six suppliers rank poorly when it comes to meet customer satisfaction and the best results are delivered by the smaller energy suppliers.

What to look for before entering into a contract?
Before getting hooked up with an energy company, did you know that your contract is legally documented? Contracts can be made in many way, it could be agreed over the phone, online or signed face to face with a sales agent. So, it is important to be aware of what type of contact is being made and always get a written confirmation copy from the supplier of your energy contract. Ask for unit price of gas and energy, standing charges, terms and conditions, length of contract, discounts and cancellation charges, if there is something that is not there in the contract, it wont be a part of the tariff as well.

Listed below are some good energy companies:

Ecotricity is the world’s first green energy company. They offer single tariff plan for all their customers and also charge a considerable rate, which funds new green energy companies. It’s 100% green electricity with the lowest life cycle carbon emission of any supplier. They are the first company to supply green gas in the Britain.

Good Energy:
It is a British renewable electricity company founded in 1999. The ultimate mission of good energy is to transform UK energy market by rendering green energy to be a part of feasible solution to climate change. They provide 100% renewable electricity and green gas to homes and business. By switching to Good Energy, you could cut down on your carbon footprint up to 50%.

Ebico is a non-profit energy supplier started with a mission to help people stricken with fuel poverty. Comparing with all the energy suppliers, Ebico outstands by providing the energy for cheapest tariffs. They have a flexible gas and electricity plans fabricated especially for fuel vulnerable customers.

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