Simple steps to follow when cleaning windows

Simple steps to follow when cleaning windows

A lot of dirt gets accumulated on the windows and it is very important that they are cleaned regularly to avoid such grime. The main factors that cause the dirt to accumulate are climate and the place where you live. Just as gutter cleaning is important for the maintenance of your home, cleaning of windows is important to avoid pollutants, mold, dust and dirt to get caught in the windows. So it important to know how to clean windows the right way along with the do’s and don’ts of window cleaning.

What to use while cleaning windows
There are many people who do not like the job of cleaning windows mainly because they have to deal with dripping water, annoying streaks and dirt. The task of cleaning windows can be simplified by making use of effective yet simple methods and techniques. Cleaning the windows of your house before winter is a good idea as it makes your home look bright.
It is very important that you have proper equipment to clean the windows and these include soft cloth, hose and a ladder. You can make the job of cleaning the windows easier by making use of a sponge and a good quality cleansing liquid. In addition, wear gloves to keep your hands clean and dry.

Types of solutions to be used for cleaning windows
The solution used for cleaning windows must be mild. One of the effective methods that can be used to clean windows is by using soap and water. Use a soft cloth for wiping the dirt off the windows. Use a stronger solution only after using a mild solution for cleaning. You can make the solution for cleaning the windows at home also. Add ¼ cup of vinegar, 2 cups of water and ½ teaspoon of soap to get your home-made cleanser ready.

How to clean windows with stubborn stains
Stubborn stains on windows that are caused due to exposure to bird droppings, hard water and other elements can be cleaned by making use of mineral deposit eliminating cleaners like the CLR. Dampen the sponge with the cleaner and rub it on the windows that have stains on them. Then rinse that area with water. You can also spray vinegar on the windows with stains and leave it for some time, before rubbing the stain marks on the window with a cloth or a sponge. You may use both these methods to clean windows with stains and then proceed with regular cleaning.

The other simpler option to clean windows with stains is to make a paste of a cleaner that contains oxalic acid and water, and apply it to the affected area. You can clean the paste with a clean cloth and then wipe the windows normally. Newspaper soaked in water and vinegar can also be used to make your windows sparkle and free from dust, without causing any damage to the glass.

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